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Volkswagen Golf MK7R Stage 3 Build

This owner wanted more power and reliability out of his Stage 2 MK7R.

We stripped the car down and installed the following:

    • Integrated Engineering forged internals

IE is now one of our most trusted performance parts specialists. Made in the USA, we know that their parts are made to last. 

    • Racingline IS38 Hybrid Turbo Kit

    • Autotech HPFP (fuel pump)

We trust Autotech because it appears to be the highest quality brand of HPFP available in Australia. After installing the Autotech fuel pump this Golf MK7R owner should see flow rates 50% higher than before so get the most out of his Racingline IS38 turbo. 

    • Xtreme Heavy Duty Clutch & SMF

Yet another happy VMA Euro customer.

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